Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not again...

Well today we had more of....... you guessed it RAIN! Because I have a theory that if I go outside in the rain my spots will wash off, I was housebound again, doing more of.........well sleeping, beauty sleep of course!

You will note I positioned myself on a pile of clean washing....."well Mum if you put it away I wouldn't feel the need to sit on it"


  1. Hi Lily! We came over from Misha's blog because we wanted to meet you - we can't wait to read more about you - you are a cutie!

  2. I came from Misha's blog too! Funny about the laundry thing... at our house, we much prefer lounging on the dirty laundry! Sadly, my human does not leave the clean laundry out long enough for us to enjoy it.